The 3 Bs. Boise. Burgers. Broncos.


I recently headed to Boise to share my store at a corporate event. When I landed I was once again faced with not knowing what the person picking me up looked like. Trust me this is a recurring thing that happens quite often when I travel. I love it!

I was greeted by two amazing beautiful woman. If you know me well enough, I immediately asked for hugs. I truly believe giving hugs can help a person and they can tell how your personality is!

I didn’t realize I had chatted with one of the women before via my Facebook Athlete page. She messaged me about running the Zion half marathon and how I inspired her to run the half after her knee replacements. We chatted late into the night, she was super sweet. Both women were a bright ray of sunshine. 

For this trip I was asked by Carl’s Jr. to share my story to a room full of franchise owners and investors. I love to encourage people and letting them know that anything is possible and as long as you keep moving forward, you can achieve your goals. They were such a great audience and of course I gave some hugs and took some selfie photos.  After speaking I was invited to a nice dinner followed by some amazing cheesecake, my favorite!


I had a few hours to spare on the trip, so I went to social media to ask if anyone would like to grab a burger. I had no idea over 14 people would show! I was so happy to meet up with those who followed my journey via social media and those who run Reebok Spartan Races. I met some amazing people on this trip and I would like to thank those who met up with me for lunch. It just so great meeting online friends in person!


Saturday evening I met back up with Clayton, who had invited me to speak to the group. He is one of the most out going and humble man that I have met.  He and his wife are also runners. He invited me to join his staff for a VIP tour of Boise State Bronco college football team. That was such a treat.

We started out watching an inspirational video for the team, then were invited into the locker rooms and on the field. The coach even came up and wanted my photo! I must say the bling on my jersey Clayton and his wife got me attracted the coach haha.


Being able to see how the coach inspires and motivates his team was such a great experience. It takes a team effort to win a game, which I can relate to. For my races, it takes a team to help me keep doing my passion. Being able to see everything first hand gave me motivation to work harder and another amazing story to tell.

I would like to thank Clayton and the Carl’s Jr. team for making this trip possible and inviting me to speak. I want to say thank you to everyone who I met along this trip. I learned that there are so many people around the world that are working hard towards their goals. I love hearing their stories.

Thank you Boise Idaho for your love. I can’t wait to come back!

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